Equivalent of 'pause at zpos' from Sailfish?

  • I do a lot of multicolor objects with my single extruder printer by pausing at a certain layer, changing colors, then resuming.

    I've looked at several ideas, tried one that did pause but I had no way to resume it from the web interface, etc but haven't found 'the solution' I think.

    Through editing the gcode or otherwise, how can I have the printer pause and wait at a certain z height so I can change filament then resume?

    Right now I'm having to monitor the print and when the bed bumps and while it's printing the 2 loop skirt (I use that to help with the color changes) I have to hit pause. It works for now, but not long term IMO.

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    Find the G1 Zxx command in the file at the start of that layer, and insert a M226 command after it. If you have retract on layer change in your slicer settings and you also have retraction in your pause.g file, you might want to put the M226 command after the un-retract command to avoid doing a double retraction.

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    If you use (some versions of) cura there is a script to add commands at specific Z heights so the slicer can add these pauses for you.

  • I did some testing 2 weeks ago but can't find the gcode files now to see what Mcode I actually used, but I think it was M0 Click to Restart which did actually pause it but with no way to restart through the interface.

    I'll try M226, thanks for pointing that out.

  • Worked great tonight, well except for me setting it 1 layer early. Thanks again.

    Sure would be nice to have that as a function or programmable as a macro?

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