Duet2 V1.03 current draw over USB

  • I'm planning on using a RPi as a dedicated "workstation" for my printer and misc. other stuff.
    To have some redundancy in case of a network failure im planning to connect the pi to my duet over USB.
    As the Pi will most likely be on a seperate circuit from the main printer PSU, the monitor, lights, etc. the Duet will stay on, receiving power over USB from the pi.

    First, are there any disadvantages to or concerns regarding this?
    Second, how much power does the Duet2 V1.03 draw when powered only over USB, with no Power on VIN?

    Asking this to size my PSU for the pi appropriately.

    Thanks for the help guys

  • You may want to check if you have any 5V accessories and if there is a diode between it and 5V from USB as it may cause a voltage drop that may cause issues.

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