Issues with DWC 2.0.0-RC7

  • Just installed DWC 2.0.0-RC7 (and wifiserver 1.23), it looks great and all that. But drag'n-drop .gcode still don't work for me on Chrome and i can't upload the "standard way" either, it comes to 6% then times out with an Network error.

    If i try with DWC 1.22.6 drag'n-drop's stil don't work, but there i can atleast upload normally. Is this a know bug?

  • Drag'n-drop doesn't work for me either.

    I did manage to upload though. It failed once, then I created a folder and uploaded to that (which worked), and after that - just as a check - I uploaded to the previous (parent-)folder, which then worked as well.

    Have you tried creating a folder to see if that does work?

  • Have you tried to drag n drop directly on top auf the upload button. This is working for me

  • @smoki3 Not before you mentioned it now. BUT yeah that actually works! On both DWC 1 and 2.

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