Delay one command...?

  • Hi

    I switch an led with the m42 command. Is it possible the LED turning off automatically after "xx" seconds again? Unfortunately, g4 stop the entire printing process ... I just want to delay "this one" command alone.

    Sorry, „translater-english“...


  • with the 3d printers having their roots firmly planted in the cnc worlds g-code non-sequential execution of code is a big change.

    I think the only reasonable feature request would be a time parameter for M42 much like the M300 Pnnn beep command.

    Or maybe try elaborating a little on your use case and you might get some alternative suggestions for accomplishing something similar.

  • thanks ... to add the command Pnn would be worth a try. will test on the weekend.

  • administrators

    Pnnn is not implemented currently so it wont work. but as @bearer has said this might be a way to have that sont of functionality implemented in the future.

    It would help if you could explain the use you intent to put this delay to.

    I have moved this to the firmware wishlist part of the forum.

  • ahh, ok ..., thanks for the explanation and your patience.

    i turn on the lighting of my 3d printer via the M42 command. At the beginning of printing the lighting is switched on. i would like the light to switch off automatically after some time. even after activating the light via macro to control the printing process, the light switches itself off again after "xx" seconds.

    my knowledge in gcode are obviously even worse than my english ... 🙂

  • Would it work for you to turn the LED on and wait until the printer is up to temperature then turn the LED off? Obviously the wait could be quite short if you print two prints back to back

    Or maybe you can configure the slicer to turn the LED off between layers.

  • No, that's not what I want.
    It would be nice if the G4 would only apply to one command and would not stop the entire printer. or another possibility is to execute a command for a certain time or after a certain time. in my case the lighting of the lighting with M42 ...
    but I take note that this is not possible at the moment.
    Thank you

  • @r3d3 said in Delay one command...?:

    No, that's not what I want.

    as mentioned several times; if you're clearer on what you do want maybe you'll find an alternative way to achieve it.

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