Duet Maestro Upgrade - Calibrations Cube Issue

  • I upgraded my Ender 3 Pro to the Duet Maestro and am having strange artifacts on the calibration cube. More specifically, in the rear X/Y corner, where I believe Z layer changes happen, the corner sticks out further than normal. This happens from the bottom up until the bottom of the letter Y, returns to normal, begins again after the top of the letter Y, but only halfway to the top and returns to normal.

    I’ve printed 3 test cubes all with the same thing in the same location. I did not have this issue using the stock board and same Cura settings other than changing from Marlin to RepRap, adding a z-probe, and mesh bed leveling. Since it’s not happening up the entire corner and only at specific heights, consistently, it’s got me baffled!!?!?!

    What can this be??!



  • Also, Y axis shows vibration like lines whereas X does not ... any way to stop that?

  • in case you are using acceleration control in your slicer. you need to change the firmware to reprap.

    ringing is reduced by reducing acceleration and jerk.

    try 500mm/min for acceleration on x and y.
    and a jerk of 60mm/min for x and y.

    for the corners you can have a look at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Pressure_advance

  • I have changed to RepRap and do have acceleration control enabled in Cura but will perhaps should disable and let the Duet manage it.

    I’ve not looked into the pressure advance but will. It’s strange the artifacts are only in one corner and always at the same height.

  • that is where the seam is.
    filament will tend to ooze out at the end due to back up pressure.

  • But it’s not the entire seem which has excess, it’s always the bottom section under the Y and another small section just above the Y but not all the way to the top. Why wouldn’t I have had the same over extrusion issue in the past as the nozzle was going the same travel path?

    Where do I find pressure advance settings, in Cura or Duet?

  • @bugsysiegals said in Duet Maestro Upgrade - Calibrations Cube Issue:

    Where do I find pressure advance settings, in Cura or Duet?

    you add it to your config.

    also a misconfigured thermistor can cause more filament to ooze.

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