Delta Smart Effector hotend nozzle installation

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    I purchased the Duet Delta Smart Effector + Magball arms to use them with the Duet2 Wifi board.

    I assembled the Delta Smart Effector+hotend according to instructions at, but those instructions just briefly mention "Assemble the E3D hot end heatsink, heat break, heater block, nozzle, heater cartridge and temperature sensor" without further details.

    So I followed the EDV6 Wiki at, I only finger-tightened the heat breaker against the nozzle, and at the end I did not yet install the blue silicone shell of the heater block. My understanding is that I have to heat the hotend at 200 Celsius or so, then tighten the nozzle against the heat breaker while it is hot.

    Now, please can you help me with some more details on how to do that. I have a 24V power supply and a PC for USB connection (I do not have the PanelDue yet).
    Please also do not forget to specify if I have to connect everything to the Duet2 Wifi board before I apply the instructions, or may I just connect the Delta Smart Effector + hotend, and leave unconnected everything else such as the hotbed and the motors ?

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    @mihaitintea you do not have to connect anything other than the hotend to the board. if you have not yet done your configuration then its worth using the reprapfirmware configurator to get a start configuration first.

    Do be careful to follow e3d's instructions to not over torque the heatbreak during this procedure.

    I have added a link to e3d's documentation to that step - thanks for pointing that out.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your kind advice.

    Until now I only used the bare hands/fingers to do the tightening of the nozzle/heat break into the heat block. I mildly tightened the heatsink in the Delta triangular PCB using the fiber washer and the large nut, using some Loctite 243 threadlocker compound.

    Now, to heat the hotend, I need wires. Please help me with the additional info describedbelow, I absolutely cannot find this information for hours and hours of searching, perhaps all vendors keep this info under control for reasons.

    I see that the 24V heater element that was delivered with the Delta Smart Effector "E3D with PT100" option that I've purchased (I want to power up everything with 24V), has red wires just long enough to barely connect it to the Delta Smart Effector PCB , for sure not not long enough to connect to the Duet2 Wifi board, which is farther away.

    So I guess I'll need to buy some additional length of that special wire with red textile-like insulation, to connect the Delta Smart Effector triangular PCB to the Duet 2 Wifi board.

    I assume this wire is special because besides the 5 Amps or so it has to carry to do its electrical job, its insulation is special because it has to endure the non-stop-movement conditions because the wire is connected to the Delta Smart Effector PCB, which is a moving part of the 3D printer. So I guess I cannot use ordinary plastic-insulated electrical wire laying around the house, that would crack and I would risk fire hazard.

    Please tell me what is the technical name of this wire with the red special textile-like insulation, what do I have to search the online stores for ?

    Thanks and regards.

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    @mihaitintea you do not need fibreglass insulated wire for connecting the smart effector to the Duet. Select wire that is suitable for flexing with motion (multicore, the higher the number of cores the better) and can carry the current required. The current required can be calculated from the power of the heater cartridge and the voltage you intend to use. So for example if you are using a "standard" e3d v6 heater cartridge of 30W at 24V then P=IV, you have a current of 1.25A max so AWG 24 or 22 would be a good choice.

    You can use thinner wire for the fans, thermistor and probe connections.

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