Wiring a Da Vinci AIO to Duet Maestro?

  • Hello all,
    I am currently in the process of upgrading my XYZ Da Vinci AIO to use a Duet Maestro. I have been following multiple different forum posts of other people upgrading their Da vinci 1/ Pro’s to either RAMPS or Duet as well as using the Duet wiki and Maestro board diagram.

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    So far I have wired up the End Stops, Motors, Heated Bed, Bed Thermistor and Power in. I am currently trying to wire up the 7 pin connector that includes the Extruder Fan (yellow wire being +ve, green being –ve) the Extruder Thermistor (orange and black) leaving the two red and one blue. I believe these go to a switch on a small PCB where the filament feeds through before going into the heater. I think this is a switch that notifies that the filament is about to run out.

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    On one of the posts I think this was labelled as a Rotary Encoder, however they were upgrading a Davinci Pro rather than an AIO. Would there be any need/provision to wire this switch into the Maestro?

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    As for the Extruder Thermistor which connection should this be to? I am thinking it is the connection labelled as C Temp VSSA Thermistor 2. Is this correct as there are other connections labelled as thermistor connections?
    Also am I right in thinking that the extruder fan must be wired to the ALWAYS ON FAN Connection?

    I have been taking photographs as I go along and once I have successfully completed this I will upload it for others to follow.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    @scally123 the rotary encoder could be used by the Davinci to sense filament movement (and possibly direction) as well as filament presence. There are a few people who I believe have made a pulse generator work with the Duet but not sure which one of if its the same as on the Davinci .

    The extruder thermistor would normally go to E0 on the Maestro :

    The extruder fan can be wired to an always on fan or to a PWM fan. the advantage of a PWM fan is the fan can be truned on thermostatically once the extruder temperature goes above a set temperature, see:
    specifically the settings for thermostatic control.

  • Thanks for your reply Tony and confirming the fan and thermistor positions.

    I'm not sure whether it is just a switch that senses the if the filament has run out or if it is a rotary encoder.

    I'm working on it this weekend and hopefully I will get it up and running soon.

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