SOLVED Paneldue woes

  • I connected my new Paneldue 7i to the Duet 2 wifi board with the 4 lead cable, plugged duet 2 into the USB port on my PC and all I get is a blank, backlit screen. If I connect Paneldue directly to USB all appears to be working. I updated the firmware with Bossa to PanelDue-5.0i-7.0i.bin, uploaded and verified cuccessfully but it still won't work when connected to the Duet board, again, just a blank backlit screen. I have the integrated version without the separate control board. Does the Duet need to be connected to a PSU as well as USB to work properly? I have also read about a jumper on the Paneldue controller needs setting to 3.3 volts but I can find no such jumper, so what am I doing wrong?

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    There is no jumper to be set on the 7i. You should not need to provide USB power to the PanelDue when it is connected to a Duet that is powered from VIN power and has the on-board 5V regulator enabled.

    • Are you powering the Duet from VIN power, with the INT_5V_EN jumper in place on it? If you are powering the Duet from USB power only then your USB power source may not provide sufficient current to power the PanelDue.
    • Which cable are you using to connect the Duet and PanelDue? If it is the ribbon cable, make sure it is plugged into the correct socket on the Duet - the one marked CONN_SD. If it is the 4-way cable, check that the connections in the cable are correct - the wire colours should be in the opposite order from one end of the cable to the other.

  • Many thanks, connect 24V psu as that is what I will be using to power my CNC router...

  • @helensdad said in Paneldue woes:

    Does the Duet need to be connected to a PSU as well as USB to work properly?

    From my experience, connecting the duet to a computer via USB, without 12V or 24V vin, does not provide sufficient power to reliably power the duet and the panel due connected to it. Connecting a proper vin solved the problem for me.

  • I had semi-similar issues also setting up the 7i with Duet WiFi. The 1m servo cable that I received would allow the panel to power up but would not communicate with the board. Some research found that less than 1ohm resistance through wiring was needed. I needed to use a little larger conductor wiring. Also as DC suggested, make sure connectors are pinned correctly.

  • All up and running nicely, Connecting to 24V psu did the trick. Many thanks...

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