SOLVED Not sure how to implement a Y offset

  • I have a Petsfang Aero Evolve mount and a E3D hotend.
    Just come to print something big and it is hanging off the bed, i stopped it in time.
    Looked in Cura, changed the Y offset and it was worse, you cannot use a negative which is what I need.

    Been throught the GCode manual and found 2 commands G10 and M206 and am not sure which one to use and how to use them.
    I need to offset Y only by 18mm

    Your assistance would be appreciated


  • Could I use
    G10 P0 X0 Y-18 Z0
    Is that the correct format for what I am trying to achieve?

  • It worked!
    Learnt something today!

  • administrators

    G10 without an L parameter is intended to set tool offsets in multi-nozzle machines.

    G10 L2 is a more modern approach, it sets workplace coordinate offsets which apply to all tools. It's not supported in firmware builds for boards with low memory, such as the Duet 06/085.

    M206 is an older GCode, marked as deprecated. It is equivalent to using G10 L2 P0 with the offsets negated. It's supported even in firmware builds that don't support G10 L2.

    However, assuming that Cura was centering the build within what you told it were the dimensions of the bed, the real issue might be that your M208 settings don't define the positions of the edges of the bed. See

    HTH David

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