Do I need a new IR Probe?

  • I having on and off for no apparent reason the IR probe which not level correctly. As soon as I turn on I see that the reading is between 2 and up to 63 when this happens it fires to early and not near the bed. This happens even when I tried with the bed 12 cm down.
    Should I by a new one? I checked the wiring and all looks ok. When I turn it off it was working.

  • administrators

    If this happens independently of how far away the sensor is form the bed, the most likely explanation is a bad crimp in the cable connecting the IR sensor to the Duet,

  • Thanks will try that even if they look good.

  • After checking the wires still the same problem. Was about to give up. I had put on the black glass bed a few days ago some blue tape for better adherence for fussy PLA,
    So I took it off to clean the bed. I tried the homing for no real reason but to my surprise it worked perfectly. Now the strange thing is the I was homing on the tape for a few days.
    Wonder why it decided it would home on the tape anymore. Important thing its solved.


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