Slicer settings and standard practices

  • I doubt it makes any difference, but should I be worried about any M204 commands that Slic3r is putting into the gcode? There's no M201, M202, or M203 commands in it.

    I've set an M204 in my config.g, so I think I might try to disable M204 from being put into the gcode.

    What's the general consensus/practice about this?

  • @ringo1508 Personally I hate it but there have been a few discussion here and other people love it. On my printer, I get best results by keeping the extrusion rate as near constant as possible, which it turn means keeping the print head speed as near constant as possible. But other users do claim that they see benefits but using different accelerations for different move types. So there is no right or wrong. Whatever works best for you / your machine.

    One thing I would say is that if you are going to allow the slicer to change acceleration settings, then it's best to always use that feature, rather than sometimes use it and sometimes not. I would also strongly advocate that the slicer end code reverts the accelerations back to default as defined in your config.g file. Otherwise you might lose track of what the accelerations were set to and see differences between printing from power on vs printing one part after another. Just my twopence worth.....

  • @deckingman thank you. I'm working on setting up an S3D profile to print from. I might move back to S3D vs Prusa Slicer, although I will miss gyroid infill. S3D isn't putting any M201, M202, M203, or M204 commands in the gcode it generates (I know you can disable that in Prusa Slicer, but still.)

    S3D is also the only slicer I can get to work with the 3D printable planes. Again, the only thing I'll miss is gyroid 🙂 hah

    I'll most likely stick to the printer keeping the config values, and not overriding them via the slicer.

  • @ringo1508 The perfect slicer has yet to be written IMO. I've tried most of them and they all have their foibles. Personally, I've reverted back to non-Prusa Slic3R because it suits my usage case best (5 colour mixing).

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    Prusa Slicer will use M204 to modify the acceleration values if you have them set for different print moves. I'm not sure what it does by default. You will need to have Expert mode enabled to make the acceleration control visible in the Print Settings > Speed tab.

    Personally I use it to have lower acceleration for the first layer for better adhesion. And I also have slower acceleration for external perimeters and faster for infill.

    To disable it, make all of the values 0.

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    M204 commands in the GCode are likely to disable dynamic acceleration adjustment if you are using it (see but are otherwise not a problem.

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