Wildly disparate print time estimates

  • I am using the latest version of simplify3d along with my Duet 2 wifi and Ender 3. Everything is working pretty well for me with the small exception that the print time estimate from S3D is not even close to what is printed out. We are talking not even in the same galaxy. I just finished a print that S3D guessed at around 10 hours. It finished at about 26hours. I get it that it is never going to be perfect, but if I could get it to within an hour or so, I'd be thrilled! Any thoughts are appreciated!


  • The Simplify3D estimate will never be very accurate because it does not know anything about your acceleration settings, nor about tool change times and so on.

    Your best bet might be to run a 'simulate' from dwc which should give a much more accurate time estimate. Please note that if you have tool changes with lots of heat/cool wait time, this will add a significant amount of time to the print as well, and is difficult to account for.

    Cura gives slightly more realistic time estimates in my experience as well.

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