Heater power?

  • I'd like to tune my heaters with the part cooling fan running. When the head is close to the bed, the air swirls back up and cools the block. So much so that when I run M303 it fails because it can't heat the block fast enough to compensate for the part cooling fan. Is there a way to make it "try harder" to heat the block?

  • The P1 argument to M303 will ensure it tunes at maximum power (100% duty cycle)

    If it can't maintain temperature at 100% duty cycle you might be better served by insulating the block or installing a more powerful heater.

    Else you could try tuning manually but it would probably take a bit longer.

  • @nhof OK, thanks

  • @nhof I have 2 extruders, this is much more of a problem on heater 2 than heater 1. Everything is symmetrical. Is it possible to have just a weak connection to the board with no other symptoms?

  • Could be. You should be able to check the tuning parameters of each extruder heater by running M307 Hn (where n is the heater number, probably 1 and 2) to ensure they match the other.

    Could check the heater component itself as well. If the resistance of heater 2 is several ohms higher than heater 1 then it will have a significantly lower power output. Assuming 12-24v heaters.

  • You might want to check that the print cooling nozzle is blowing on the print and not the heater block. It's also possible that your print cooler moves too much air.

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