Z endstop and DC42 IR sensor. First layer

  • Hello. I can not configure the normal printing of the first layer.
    My printer is H-Bot with Z optical endstop (locating down below, in Z259), and a DC42 IR sensor. The Home is configured for endstop.
    When I home Z and start printing, only the coordinate that the printer assigns to the Zmax affects the distance between the nozzle and bed. As I understand it, with my config, the IR sensor and the bed mesh compensation do not affect the printing of the first layer.
    What do I need to do to print the first layer in accordance with the sensor and the bed mesh compensation?

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    Before printing, you must use G30 to home the Z axis with the probe to establish Z0, and either run mesh compensation with G29, or load the saved heightmap with G29 S1.

    You could do that with your slicer start gcode or with start.g which runs before every print before the slicer code. You have to travel up to the print first layer height anyway.

  • @phaedrux Thank you!

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    @Rina, I suggest you remove the G92 Z commands from your homeall.g and homez.g files, and instead set your max Z in M208 to 259.35.

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