Duet Wifi brilliant print speed

  • Quick comment on my short experience with Duet as a controller.

    E3D Titan extuder with E3D V6 hotend with a 1.8 deg stepper.

    E3D recommend that the maximum throughput of this is 5mm/sec, so simple calc is for a 0.4mm nozzle 0.3mm layer height = recommended print speed = 5/(0.4 * 0.3) = 41.66 mm/s

    having setup my extruder motor with 64 times stepping I've just run a print at 250% print speed with no grinding and good output, corners aren't as sharp as at 100% speed but stil phenomenal I think.

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    Hey PC, Good news!

    You can play with acceleration and jerk setting, along with layer height to increase resolution and keep overall model print time reasonable. Every printer is different and tweaking the settings to just right for your is part of the fun (at least I think so!)

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