Display results of last calibration

  • It's really tedious to have to switch back to the console to see the results of the last delta (or other, I assume) calibration if you miss it when it flashes by in the popup.

    It'd be great if the results of G32 was displayed in the UI, perhaps next to or in the Calibrate button. Even in the dropdown would be ok...

  • there is a small down arrow next to auto-calibration on the machine control tab where you can choose to show the height map in DWC 1.

    In DWC 2, heatmap is a menu entry in the main menu.

    I don't remember if it's in DWC1 or DWC2 or both, but rightclicking on the heightmap.csv in the system file list also allows you to show the height map.

  • That's not what I am requesting. I would like the to have the single value that is returned when doing a bed probe for delta calibrations easily visible without having to do multiple clicks to find it.

    So, for example
    3:38:36 PMG32
    Calibrated 6 factors using 13 points, deviation before 0.303 after 0.019

    would display 0.019 somewhere near the calibrate button.

    If that number is > 0.40 I recalibrate until it is < 0.40. Sometimes it takes a few times to do so.

    It's also annoying that the result isn't displayed both on DWC and on the PanelDue console. It only displays on the one originating the G32.

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