Aluminium Bed and panels for Railcore II needed

  • When I'm going to make a part on the milling machine, I typically pick a corner of the part as a reference and then dimension everything to that corner. When I put the workpiece on the mill, I just zero the DRO at the reference point and then start cutting/drilling.

  • @paulhew I think I probably created an account the first time, but it's OK - they deal with the general public (I think). If not just call yourself "PHew Services" or some such. Funnily enough, I've just ordered some other Aluminium flat bar and mild steel rod from them. They seem fine to deal with. Delivery is reasonable I think, if you consider the weight involved. I can get 2 metre lengths of flat bar delivered from them for the same price as a cut 300mm length from ebay (I need to build up a bit of stock).

  • @paulhew I use a local water jetting company in sheffield that do my stuff there is a minimum charge they make and it is when the machine is not so busy but it may be worth your while doing a search for similar in your area and getting a quote from them to do the work for you.

    Oh and Aluminium warehouse will let you register with no problems that way they are readily on tap for you


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    @PaulHew We have used a local laser cutting/waterjetting place close to Peterborough a few years ago. Generally all these services are expensive for single runs. Might be worth seeing if you can get a group of people in the UK who want to build a Railcore II?

  • I had a quick gander online and there seems to be a bit of an assortment of sizes and shapes. It looks like the lead screw mounts stick out from the main body in a kind of complicated boss type arrangement that would likely need CNC milling or water jet cutting because of the curves. I'd be inclined to tweak the design and maybe make the mounts as separate items that would bolt onto the main body. Then you could just use a rectangular piece of aluminium that is easily obtainable cut to size. Just a thought......

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    at this point worth getting @kraegar involved as the will know the design decisions used.

  • @t3p3tony Yes, I'm surprised he hasn't jumped in sooner - must be busy elsewhere......

  • I messgaged him the other day as Misumi do not deal with the 'public' and was asking if there was another rail I extrusion I could use.
    Someone kindly offered to get the extrusion from Misumi for me, so that comes this week I hope.
    The corner cubes were delivered today.
    Carbon Fibre PET-G is being delivered tomorrow with hardened nozzles.

    I have found someone who can watercut the panels with the holes in 3mm ally and a 6mm for the bottom, also they can mill the bed, so thank you @deckingman for your offer, it is appreciated.
    Would of been nice to meet up with you so I could admire your beast of a machine, maybe another time.

    Its going well, just finding it hard to nail down the Hiwin rails as CRD are the only UK supplier and not knowing what is good and what is not, I do not know what else to use to save some pennys. £420 for 6 rails and carridges, ouch!
    Zyltech only have the 400mm rails.
    Might post a question in the FB page.

    I was going to order the Halo and the other nice ally parts but due to the exchange rate and trump tax i am holding off, so CF PET-G it is, for now.

  • Its not the worst price for the rails tbh.

    I paid $30 shipped for 200mm MGN9 with 1 block, and $54 shipped for 500mm MGN15 with 2 blocks from China; as far as I can tell they're genuine, but could be factory rejects even tough for my use they run smooth.

    The only reason I gabled on Chinese markets is taxes and fees cost an arm and a leg if using legit distributors and couldn't find any local vendors that had anything near those prices.

  • @paulhew said in Aluminium Bed and panels for Railcore II needed:

    .............. so thank you @deckingman for your offer, it is appreciated.

    No worries. TBH I've got plenty to occupy my time just at this moment.

    Would of been nice to meet up with you so I could admire your beast of a machine, maybe another time.

    There is a reasonably strong possibility that my machine and I will be at the TCT show this year so.........

  • @paulhew Paul

    the Robotdigg SUS440C Rails are pretty good tbh and they would be here within a couple of weeks but you are likely to get stung for VAT etc if you choose DHL as the shipper.

    MGN12 Stainless rails

  • Just spoken to a really helpful technical guy @ TransDev.
    He basically classed Hiwin as run of the mill but better than the other chinese products!
    If I can find something closer to home and a little cheaper I will be happy!

    Getting there...... Just needs to order the cap screws, bolts, inserts etc etc before the main part, Duet Ethernet, Duex5 PSU, SSR, Bondtech extruder, bits for my E3D V6, cable etc.

  • Oh yeah, the Hiwin rails that are "all the rage" are definitively the lowest end of the scale. (With the chinese clones not being on the scale at all).

    However with the minimal forces involved with 3d printing they're a good alternative for smooth yet rigid linear motion without having your credit card curl up in a fetal position crying in the shower:P

    If you trawl eBay you can find better brand rails used and they should have ample life left in a 3d print application, but its more often than not much much bigger rails.

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