Upgrading Nema17 motors

  • Hi,
    I have delta printer with Duet3d WiFi and OMC Nema 17 1.8 degrees motors 17HS16-2004S1 (2 Amp/2 VDC/1.1 Ohm/2.6 mH@1kHz/0.45 Nm/54 g-cm2 rotor inertia)
    I wont to upgrade to Nema 17 0.9 degrees motors to increase resolution/precision
    I have narrowed the choice to this 3 motor:
    OMS 17HM19-2004S1 (2 Amp/2.8 VDC/1.4 Ohm/3 mH@1kHz/0.46 Nm/82g-cm2 rotor inertia)
    MT-1704HSM168A (1.68 Amp/2.8 VDC/1.65 Ohm/2.8 mH@1kHz/0.44 Nm/68 g-cm2 rotor inertia)
    MT-1703HSM168A (1.68Amp/2.8 VDC/1.65 Ohm/3.6 mH@1kHz/0.35 Nm/54g-cm2 rotor inertia)
    Price is allmost the same at all three motors.
    Please help me chose what is going to be the best upgrade.

    Thank You all

  • Yes I am using 24V 24Amps power supply

  • I so that post but what is bothering me is this inertia..how that impact perfomance?

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    The ratio of torque to inertia is one of the factors that determines the maximum acceleration possible. So on paper the second motor you list is best. But the model numbers suggest that the first and second motors are from different manufacturers, so it may not be as simple as that.

  • First one is from stepper online oms manufacturer and second one I found on ooznest.co.uk and it is motech stepper manufacturer. I olready use 3 of the osm 1.8 degree 1.68amps 54g-cm2 rotor inertia and 0.44Nm holding torgue and I can say only that they are good motors quiet cool running (I set them to work at 1.4amp 16microstep with interpolation) so I am kind to pick again same manufacturer... There are reviews of them all 5star and people using it on delta but on ooznest they listed those 2 other models from Motech but I can't find any review but as they are specialising in selling 3d printers and parts I think they know what are they selling so I am in dilemma now...

    Thanks for helping me..

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    @stduplic said in Upgrading Nema17 motors:


    I use these on my CoreXY and they are good. for what it's worth.

  • Thank You for sharing experience with me.

  • @stduplic said in Upgrading Nema17 motors:


    they are also the recommended steppers for the blv cube

  • Using 17HM19-2004S1 on my delta and corexy (soon to be idex). No problems. Some people are enameled with moons steppers with similar specs, but I haven’t seen a convincing a/b test to justify the 3-4x price differential

  • Thank You all... I have ordered them... now just to wait that they arrive and then some printing again 😊😊😊

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