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  • I am having problems with wifi connectivity on my Duet, when my daughter is streaming Netflix over wifi and my Missus is streaming Youtube, (constantly, I might add) My duet constantly drops the wifi signal and reconnects, sometimes it just won't reconnect. It is fine when they are all asleep, but then I get complaints about the noise! (CNC Router) I can use the paneldue to get started but I want to be able to monitor progress from another room. The ip address for the Duet is When I looked at Duet's help pages, it seems to suggest setting the Duet 2 to an ip address of 0 0 0 0 and allowing the router to allocate a channel specifically for the Duet. Can you shed any light on this as I am a bit lost when it comes to networking. alternatively, would a wifi booster help?I have read somewhere that the duet could communicate directly with my laptop via wifi, without using the wifi router, how does this work and is it possible?

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    A booster or range extender might be your best bet. Ideally something that is hard wired back to your router so that the only wireless transmission for the duet is within the same room.

    It's also possible that your router is just getting overwhelmed. Consider upgrading it if possible.

    Setting the duet to 0 0 0 0 will so nothing to help in your case unfortunately.

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    I agree with @Phaedrux, a WiFi booster in the same room as the Duet is probably the best solution, so that not everything is sharing a single WiFi channel.

  • I had a similar problem , more of a supplied gear by the Teleco not being up to the task so I had to add to it.

    The previous ADSL router had both n and AC and was gathering dust. Followed a tutorial on the web on how to add it ( there are a lot actually once you know which words to search. Access point AP etc)


    I also used Vistumbler a handy wifi network tool to figure out the most likely to succeed channel .

    Just a tip from my experience , get a small notebook and log everything to do with your router , passwords , settings and websites just to preserve your sanity in a years time if you have to make changes 🙂

  • @digid I have my old BT 'super router' still, but now I am on SKY, is it possible I might utilise it to cure my problem?

  • That should work , you will need the correct user manual for the model and a network cable ? Cable length depends on where you put the second router . Mines right next to the new fibre NBN router setup to create two more indpendant wifi networks .

    You will need to do some exploring of the BT router settings and make changes to turn into an Access Point . That can be done on your laptop independant of the Sky router . if you dont know the password to log into the browser user interface the manual will tell you how to reset the modem manually and what the default tpic , user and passwords are

  • Cheers! Many thanks. I will have a go at that, what can possibly go wrong!

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