psu fan testing

  • I am not sure where this topic would go so im putting it here in the wardwar and wiring.

    I replaced the psu fan on my ender 3 (doing everything i can to make this silent enough to run at night). is there a safe way to test the fan with out just running a print and wishing for the best?

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    Is this for the Meanwell power supply?

    Can you maybe give some more detail on how you replaced it?

    On my Ender 3 Pro the PSU fan seems to be thermostatically controlled as it only kicks on every once in a while. If yours is the same, you'd have to run a print to see if it turns on. For mine I was thinking of replacing it with a quiet Noctua fan and just hardwiring it so that it runs all the time.

  • @phaedrux yes the psu is a Meanwell power supply. printed off a new frount pannal for the psu giving it more space for air flow and the ability to use a 80 mm fan. However i did not do my research and though there was a standard 3 pin cpu fan header instead of the two pin. I ordered a noctua 80x20 4 pin with the 3 pin converter. Doing some actual research I found i should be able to just plug in the 12v to the positive and the ground to neg. which is how it is set up just was not sure if i could test it or not.

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