Power in watts motor PAP

  • Hi, I'm building a prototype test for a pellet extruder that can print directly, I need konw what is the real power or at least an estimated value of a stepper motor nema 23 of 112mm in length and 4.2A, if the source is 48, this is to know more or less which gearbox should use.

    I would also like to know your opinion on two types of gearboxes:

    This fits more to my taste, because I can put the screw extruder directly into the reducer, I'm thinking of using a 15: 1 ratio, but according to the manufacturer the maximum torque with that configuration is 3Nm, which does not make sense if the motor has 2.5NM


    and this other option with the 16: 1 reduction the specification table shows something more promising.

    0_1560743323042_2019-06-16 (11).png

    0_1560743348102_2019-06-16 (12).png

    I appreciate your attention and your cooperation.

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