Auto-pause and resume from external command

  • Hi!

    Is it possible to have an external processor taking control of the machine while a print is paused?

    As there is no conditionnal statement with G-Code, the idea would be to trigger a signal (using I²C, for example), to ask the external controller to manage the filament multiplexer loading/unloading, and have it check switches, and retry commands if needed.

    This would only require to wire the dedicated switches to the external board, but no need for motor drivers...

    In the Tn related macros, I would just trigger the signal, and go to pause. Then, the external controller would just resume printing once all load/unload stuffs are done.

  • administrators

    You could use the M577 command to wait for the state of an input pin to change, and have the external controller drive that pin.

  • Ok, so you confirm that M24 works once print is paused using M226?

  • administrators

    Yes, if you are pausing the print using M226 then you can resume it using M24.

  • Perfect, thanks!

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