Duet2 ethernet without drivers

  • Hi, I want to build my own injection molding robot and was looking the best hardware to do it, but I will use external drivers.
    Will a duet2 or a duet3 board without on board drivers, aim at controling industrial servos only be made in the future?
    I'm also considering machinekit with a beaglebone but since I become very familiar with RRF I would really preffer to use a Duet family product,

  • there is an lpc port of the rrf
    it runs on the rearm platform that where you can put your own drivers.

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    @3doeste unless you need more than 7 external drivers the easiest option is to use a Duet 2 Ethernet and take the 5 drivers from the expansion hears and the 2 from the Conn_LCD connector if you need them. You will be buying 5 internal drivers without using them but AFAIK the Duet is cheaper than a SAM4E dev board!

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