Duet Maestro, BlTouch probe reading stuck at 1000

  • BlTouch is responding to all the deploy, retract, and test commands perfectly, red led does not flash and blue led does not come on. The probe also triggers when touched. However, G31 reports the z-probe sensor is always at 1000, as does the web interface.

    At first I thought the "out" pin on the BlTouch wasn't wired up right but I checked it's continuity along with the rest of the wires and no issues there. The wiring is quite long at 2+ meters, so maybe that's a problem? I've gone through this checklist and the only thing I haven't done is cut the trace (fresh exacto knife wont work, hesitant to use desoldering ribbon). I've linked my config, but I can't find any obvious problems.

    P.S. firmware version is 2.02RC2

  • Hi try these, as I think your settings could be wrong. This is for my original BLT on a Maestro.
    The bold bits are what I think could be wrong.

    M574 Z1 S2 ; Set endstops controlled by probe
    M558 P9 H5 F120 T6000
    G31 P25 X40 Y-13 Z1.468
    M557 X40:220 Y15:220 S20 ; Define mesh grid

    HTH. Paul

  • Didn't change anything. Also, I'm using a Delta so I don't think I want use it as an endstop either. Trying to run G30 gives an error saying probe triggered, as expected, but it pulls the pin back in for some reason.

  • OK.

    Is it a Clone or Original. Also what version as mine is a V2 and did not need to cut the trace


  • Problem solved. Chopped it off my cable harness, soldered some short dupont wires to the ones coming off the original cable so I'm 100% it's not the wiring, and hooked it up to my Marlin printer after a quick firmware change. And it's still doing the exact same thing. Looks like it's a defective probe. Not sure how to close a topic....

  • Glad you got to the bottom of it.
    I have a spare Brand new V3 but I am in the UK.

  • @paulhew Thanks for the offer, but I doubt it would be worth the shipping.

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