Stratasys uPrint - Retrofit finally Complete!

  • Only took a year, I have to say this was much harder then building a printer from scratch.

    My config files are located here if anyone else wishes to do the same. Now that I've done all the hard work It won't be too hard to convert these machines.

    CAD Files for the extruder adapter mount
    Panel Due mounting bracket
    Blank LCD bracket
    4mm to 6mm PTFE Adapter

    Video of operation





  • That looks amazing! I'm currently in the finishing stages of converting an old 3D Systems Cubex. I'm optimizing it for printing with ABS, with a heated chamber and everything!

    Are you printing PLA? What print speeds are you getting?

    It looks great, and a full write-up would be absolutely awesome!

  • At the moment I'm testing with PLA but the goal is to print Nylon and PC. I'm able to print at about 130mm/s with 275mm/s travels

  • Brilliant. Your work to figure out the steps/mm is going to save me a heap of time on my project.

    I'm doing a similar conversion to a pair of uPrint SE's but I will be retaining the Power Distribution Board and the OEM extruder setup.

    The goal is reducing operating costs while retaining the ability to print ABS and some sort of support filament (that isn't proprietary $300/kg).

    I have yet to figure out if the OEM dual hotend can be run at significantly different temperatures.


  • too be honest I spent about a year on this conversion and I can say it's easier to build a new printer from scratch.

    There's really nothing from the power distribution board of any use. all you need is the 24v power supply. The only difference is the uPrint SE has a slightly larger build volume and can handle 4 spools.

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