ftp not uploading whole files

  • Hi,
    I am having slight problems while uploading some gcode files over ftp(web upload works perfectly fine).
    They seem to be cut off almost at the end of the file, always missing few lines(I didn't measure exactly where, but I can do it later).

    I have found similar issue out here: https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/2234/ftp-problems

    I am using latest firmware revision which is 2.03, my ftp client is totalcmd I've tried passv/active mode and both of them had similar issue.

    Is there anything I could do to remediate the issue?

    Many thanks!

  • administrators

    I will add this to the investigations list. Meanwhile I suggest you try a different FTP client.

  • I have seen this issue as well; sometimes only the first 2048 bytes of a file are written to the SD card, with no file error during the transfer. The file is just truncated at 2048 bytes. I've had this happen with several ftp apps.

    FYI - I've started using a free app called GoodSync (https://www.goodsync.com) that can synchronize a folder tree on a computer with the folder tree on the Duet using ftp. It has the option to use file checksums to do the comparisons, so you're always sure that the files end up on the Duet correctly. It also has good filtering options to control which files get pushed.

  • I've tried few others, all had similar problems.
    Additionally I found totalcmd had some problems with cd'ing into directories. Meaning I could go into gcodes/, go back to / and when tried to enter some other directory it failed.
    I've tried winscp/smartftp/ncftp - all had some problems. winscp yesterday connected fine but today doesn't even want to connect. smartftp lists directories ok, but has same problems with uploads. ncftp can cd successfully as well, couldn't upload anything, don't have a clue why (active/passive failed)...
    the only client i found working and didn't have a problem was lftp. could cd into directories and successfully uploaded whole file.

    Hope that this small chunk of info will help in any further investigations.

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