Thermocouple short question

  • I don't understand the short error from my thermocouple.

    If I have a thermocouple and a heater connected to the duet but not in the heater block and I power on I don't have a short.

    The moment I put both in the heater block and then power on I get a short.

    If I connect the thermocouple after being powered on, I don't get a short.

    If I put a continuity tester between the thermocouple wiring and the heater wiring there is no continuity anywhere.

    What could be going on?

    Latest 2.0.3 firmware. Brand new e3d thermocouple. Haven't heated yet.

  • Have you tried checking continuity between the wiring and heater block?

  • Seems strange if it were a issue where the voltage of the meter it to low to indicate a leakage but the board does. You don't happen to have a high voltage insulation tester or know someone with one?

    And just to confirm, you are measuring the continuity under the same circumstance the board is giving the error?

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