M204 Warnings

  • I am getting warnings of M204 hitting the limit of 10000 for maximum travel acceleration.

    I do NOT have M204 enabled. I am using KISS and no where in my gcode do I have an M204.

    I do have the M552 set for Marlin compatibility.

    I am not going anywhere near fast enough to get those numbers.

    It seems to occur when the printer is following the path to print a radiused corner- in my case the 25mm test cube with 6mm radius at the corners.

    Could it be a mathematical anomaly?

    alt text

    alt text

    Is this a real issue or a troubling annoyance?

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    Which firmware version runs on your Duet?

  • I am running the LPC port, RRF 2.03 Beta3 <sinned6915 sheepishly cringes and cowers a bit>

    I tried searching for issues and bugs but could not find anything either on the git repo for LPC and the dc42/RRf.

    the posts here about the M204 in Cura are eerily similar, except that KISS knows nothing about M204.

    I checked my configs for errant entries and i have no macros that might be names anything similar.

    curiously, if I issue the M204 in Pronterface, it says something like "M204 P10000 T10000" (going from memory right now, not at home)
    but the gcode terminal in DWC shows no response.

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    No need to cower! The messages you are getting are what I would expect in response to a plain M204 command. I'm surprised you don't get that response when you send M204 from DWC.

    2.03beta and RC releases are unsupported now that 2.03 is released. I expect @sdavi will upgrade the port to 2.03 soon.

    I'm out of the office for a few days. Perhaps someone else can check whether firmware 2.03 on a Duet returns the correct response when you send M204 from DWC.

  • ahh, ok. thank you.
    i will try to netwok with sublime people to see if they have 2.03
    enjoy your time away from the office!

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    Sending M204 in the gcode console on 2.03 returns

    Maximum printing acceleration 1000.0, maximum travel acceleration 4000.0

  • @phaedrux thanks for checking.

    are those in fact the values that you set with M201 ?

    i am surprised that on mine its 10000, but again I am on the bleeding edge port of LPC

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    The default M204 values are 10000. This is deliberately chosen to be higher than typical M203 acceleration limits, so that the M203 limits will dictate the acceleration unless M204 is used.

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    @sinned6915 yes I've set those values in config

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