24V prusa style 3d printer System

  • Hi,
    I have a spare 12v silicone heated bed, what modifications would I need to make it work on a 24v power supply?

    .Buck converter
    .Direct connection with issues( please explain any potential issues)...

    Please Help

  • you can use a mosfet to run the bed at 12v and the rest at 24v. This requires 1 12V power supply and 1 24V supply.

    buck converter that can handle 20a will cost a bit. might be easier just to buy a 24v silicone heater.
    and i am not sure if you want to run the buck converter with the pwm pulsing.

  • @veti The buck convertor is connected directly to the power supply and its positive to the bed. You use the negative bed connection on the Duet for the negative to the bed. This also works for the fan and hotend.

  • yes you are right. the duet pulses on the negative.

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