Stepper wiring verification

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    I think my question is similar to the one posted here, but I just have to make sure so that I don't my nice new board. I am a certifiable noob at wiring.

    My printer's stepper wiring is not color coded. I have used a multimeter to confirm which pairs constitute a given coil, but I am not sure which is A or which is B, which is 1 or which is 2. Would I be reading the above post accurately to say that it doesn't matter as long as you get the pairs right? They might turn the wrong direction but you can just reverse it in the firmware and be done?

    Thanks for any help!

  • It doesn't meter with one are A or B and 1 or 2.
    Only it is important that you get you coils right.

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    That's right, what matters is that you connect one coil to the pins at one end of the 4-pin connector on the Duet, and the other coil to the pins at the other end.

  • Thanks for the peace of mind! (piece of mind? :))

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