Duet (0.85) and Print Fan

  • Just double checking what I need here, a 2-wire 12V print fan for the Fan 0 (PWM) connector or am I reading the wire diagram wrong? I have 4 2-wire print connectors but it also has three jumpers below then again, it appears to be jumpered as VIn (12V).
    Am I reading this all correct.. I wasn't expecting the jumpers or are they for something else?

  • The fans AFAIK are 2 pins, they are on my Maestro, just make sure you get the polarity right.
    The jumpers on my Maestro are for modifying the input voltage.
    On fan2 I have left it be and the jumper is set to VIN and I am feeding it 24v.
    For fans 0 and 1 I have removed the jumper and placed a stepdown convertor to 12V, to feed those fans only as they are both 12v


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    The jumpers on the Duet 085 are nothing to do with the fan voltage, the are the 5V internal regulator enable and 5V external input enable. The fans voltage is always the same as VIN. Two of the outputs are always-on, and two are controllable (Fan0 and Fan1).

  • Hi.. Thanks.. Thought that would be the case.. I am running it off a 12V power supply so a 12V-2 wire print fan it is..

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