SuperVulcano Heatsink break up on 3mm filament

  • Hi Guys

    i have the problem on my large printer with tiatn gearbox and super vulcano that the wall from the heatsink is to thin. if i have a little overextrusion ( wobbles) the heatsink break up ! i think e 3d have to upgrade the heatsink ! i will test a M8 version soon.

  • This just happened to me this morning as well. Testing the super volcano with a bulldog XL extruder and it broke overnight at the heatbreak.

    Normally I see broken hotends only if the print comes off the bed mid-print which didn't happen in this case.

    Perhaps the extra weight of the super volcano block along with the extra leverage due to the doubled length is too much for the heat break.

    Maybe it's time to move on to another design where the mechanical support and the heatbreak are separated (Mosquito, etc.)

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    Never underestimate mechanical advantage.

  • Hi
    I ve test the super vulcano modification on m8 and it work now fine! Maybe david take a lokk about! You have t9 bore up the heat block on a m8 diameter and screw the nozzle (short nozzle from the v6) in the m8 screw! So its stable and work fine!

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