Power supply, Do I have enough wattage?

  • This Is new to me, while i am quite able to do my Hard Parts machining/Conversion. and I do know some CNC milling G-code. The duet is quite a lot different than what i am used to working with.
    Right now i am in the final stages of my CubePro Redesign / Rebuild, and soon it will be programming time. can some one look at my component list Below. I have a feeling i may be light on power supply wattage. and is it a problem that my X and Y Axis, oriental motors are higher voltage than the rest? or is that just a matter of the max current setting?
    Thanks in advance.

    My printer Hardware:
    Print Heads:
    Dual Bondtech BMG-X2-M 3:1 gearing
    2x nema 17 1.8 step 18Ncm Holding Tq, 2.9V .7A
    2x 24vdc mosquitp fans .10A
    2X 24vdc part cooling fans .06A ea.
    2x Mosquito 450C thermistor
    2x Mosquito 24VDC 50 Watt Heater
    2x additional Blowers 12Vdc .25A

    Drives: 2X Z-axis Nema 17 1.8 step 45Ncm Holding, 2.7V , 1.68A
    1x Y-Axis Nema 17 .9 Step angle 81.9Ncm Holding 3.9V 1.5A Dual shaft, Drives left and right belts via jackshaft.
    1x X-Axis Nema 17 .9 Step angle 41.6Ncm Holding 3.2V 1.5A
    2x TR8x2mm pitch Lead Screws Direct drive
    3x 18Tooth GT2 drive pulleys
    4x NC Limit switch 2 wire "Cherry"

    Control Boards:
    Duet 2 Wifi
    Duex 2
    PT100 Daughter Board
    ThermoCouple Daughter Board
    Panelview 5I
    BL touch bed leveling sensor

    1000 Watt silicone bed heater 120VAC 310mmx310mm
    2x PT100 bed temp sensors (Redundent Check if possible?)
    500 Watt RTD enclosure Chamber heater 120VAC
    2x Omron SSR
    control Panel cooling 2x Fans 24VDC .04amps

    Power supply: 200 Watts 8.3 amps

    Duet2 Wifi: X & Y axis motors (2)
    E0 & E1
    Bed Heater SSR
    E0 & E1 Heaters
    X & Y limit switchs
    Mosquito Fans (2)
    Part Cooling Fans (2)
    Pt 100 Daughter Board (Bed Sensors 2)

    Duex2:      Z-Axis motors and endstops
    	    Chamber Heat RTD
    	    Chamber Heat thermocouple
    	    2 electronics cooling fans
    	    2 LED 18in strip Lights

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    To calculate the total wattage you need, see https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Choosing_the_power_supply#Section_Total_power_needed. Don't forget to include the power draw of the LED strips.

  • I was hoping you would say that, as room in the electronics bay is close to being 100% full! this is the original 3D systems PS, and to get something bigger would be another 50mm x 25mm. I have moved all the electronics from the inside bottom to the outside rear.
    Dallas![alt text]0_1562564366338_Cubepro Rebuild and Redesign Duet 3d wifi and duex 2.jpg0_1562564457825_cubepro mod.jpg

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    I edited my original reply, because although 200W would normally be more than enough for a dual-extrusion printer that uses an AC mains bed heater, I don't know the power draw of the LED strips.

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