Railcore II build - questions

  • Hi,
    I have some questions please.

    I have the Duet2 and Duex5, is a 14ga silicone cable 'thick' enough between the 2 VIN negative's?
    And should I use 12ga or 14ga for the VIN positives?

    Will a 22ga cable from the bed output to the SSR be enough or does that need to be heavier?
    It is only 'activating' the relay for the bed, so in my eyes there is no load, is my reasoning correct?

    Thanks in advance as usual.

  • Regular 14ga is good for 15A, 12ga for 20A. With the fancy silicone stuff you can add about 10A

    22ga for the SSR should be fine, hardly any current there, I'm sure I used a lot thinner wire.

  • @bearer Thanks for the reply.
    Yes I am using 'fancy' silicone stuff as I use a lot for my model helicopters.

    BTW I did read the Wiki and searched the forum before posting.
    It never gave a gauge, just thick!

    Thanks again.

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