lines on the LCD

  • Sometimes, without touching the printer, my 4.3" LCD shows only lines.
    0_1562851738433_lcd lines.jpg
    the printer continue to print without issue but also the network become unresposnive.

    I am running the last available firmware

    The LCD cable was shortened to 20cm because the sceen is near the Duet board.

    how can I solve this problem ?

    thank you

  • Which LCD cable? The 40 pin one between the PanelDue and the LCD? Surely that wasn't longer than 20cm to begin with?

    If you're talking about the 4 pin one between the Duet and the PanelDue then that is no problem, and wouldn't cause that symptom.

    I'd examine the flexible cable/pcb thing between the LCD panel and the PCB for the LCD panel, then check the 40 pin cable is properly inserted.

  • @bearer
    both cable was shortened.

    the flexible cable also was shortned but i am not printing with external SD card, do you think this can still be an issue if not crimped well enough?

  • None of the cables between the Duet main board and the PanelDue will cause that problem.

    Only the ribbon cable and flex cable on the PanelDue itself would result in something like that, or possibly firmware issues as well, but i think the latter is unlikely.

  • Whops, just remembered, there is no ribbon cable on the PanelDue, thats just my setup due to space constraints, my bad.

    But there is a yellowish thin flex cable from the actual LCD panel, to the PCB behind the LCD panel. Thats the likely offender IMO.

    Looks a bit like so: 0_1562852804348_e11705a0-a213-405b-8800-e52ecaa4d505-image.png

  • @bearer
    thank you, I will check this

  • I have removed, cleaned with IPA and reinstered the yellowish flex cable.
    Hope this will solve the lines problem, as always intermittent issues are hard to track down

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