Ignore Z-Endstop

  • Hello,
    is there any way I can turn off the Z-enstop? Or tell the per Gcode command that Z is homed?

  • Moderator

    G92 Z0 will tell the firmware it's homed at 0

    I'm not sure what you mean by ignore the z endstop. What is the scenario?

  • Ye, Thanks.
    But I'd have to go beyond the end stop

  • Movement commands will normally ignore the endstops unless you specifically tell it to look for them (G0 H1, for example).

    You may want to look at the M208 command as well. This sets the soft limits of the machine. If Z is set to 0 in the M208 command then you cannot go past 0. If you want to go below Z=0 you can set it up something like M208 Z-5:300 or similar, which results in a min limit of -5 and a max of 300. In this case the machine will still home using the end stop to z=0.

  • Ok, thank u.

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