G30 vs G32 --> I'm still puzzled...

  • I have updated by Delta Rostock Max V2 with a Duet Wifi 1.04 and the 7inch screen.
    Additionally I printed a new effector plate which is equipped with a BL touch sensor.
    I follow all instruction from the Duet Wifi pages how to calibrate the sensor, the bed, the rod length and all other parameters.

    So far so good - all works fine and my prints are good.

    Still I get the feeling that I'm really not sure when to do what regarding bed level measurements.

    G29 is bed mesh leveling - this is understood.

    What I don't get is: whats the difference between the G30 commands in my bed.g file and the G32 commands? I've read https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode#Section_G30_Single_Z_Probe and so forth
    several time, but somehow still it doesn't click with me.
    For example :

    • Why do I need still need auto calibration when I have the bed mesh level measurement?
    • When do I run G32 ? What is different to all the G32 commands in bed.g ?
    • When looking at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgkJVgFnPaE&t=1542s the author 'Design Prototyp Test' explains thoroughly the Duet and probing the bed. But still I'm not sure when to change between these commands.
    • During calibration I had to enter the 6 parameters like rod length etc. into the config.g file. Are these values now being temporary overwritten with a G32 or G30 command

    Can someone describe this in simple words?

    Thanks - Every answer is highly appreciated


  • My understanding is as follows:

    G30 is a z probe command at a certain point. You can define a list of points in bed.g which will be used by running G29.

    G32 autocalibrates other aspects of a delta style printer such as tower offsets, rod lengths etc. The dozuki page on Calibrating a delta printer is extensive but helped me when I had a delta with a BL Touch.

    In a nutshell, the right order of commands to get a calibrated delta with mesh bed leveling is G28 (homing of endstops); G32 (calibration of delta printer), G29 (mesh bed leveling according to the G30 definitions in bed.g).

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    The G32 command runs the bed.g macro file, just as if you sent command M98 P"bed.g". That's all, and it's the only thing that makes bed.g special.

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