Baby stepping not indicated ?

  • Quick question:
    When I set baby stepping e.g. -0.06mm, this isn't indicating in the Z position at the head position Why not?
    I would expect that my current position : 0.8mm as layer no.4 of my print would change to 0.74mm?

    0_1563011032084_(4.3%) rmv2 2019-07-13 11-41-38.png

  • There has been a discussion on baby stepping in the recent past. I deem it a good read.

  • Thanks a lot - will check this.

  • administrators

    There are two sets of coordinates: user coordinates and machine coordinates. Currently, DWC displays only the user coordinates, which are the coordinates that the GCode file you are printing commands. DWC has access to the machine coordinates as well, so future version may give you the option of displaying them. Meanwhile, if you send M290 then it will report the current babystepping.


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