Hypercube homing positions?

  • Programming duet for my new HEVO I built, first scratch built printer.

    Does it matter which corner I setup the endstops in? does the standard configuration home to the left front or left rear etc is my question?

  • From a theoretical point of view, no, it doesn't matter. You can home to literally any position, doesn't even need to be a corner.

    Regardless of where you home, you do need to take care to follow conventions for placing the origin (0,0,0), or your parts may be mirrored. (or compensate in the slicer)

  • ok I think I figured out the front left is the standard position. Was just trying to figure out how to fabricate the endstops and where

  • Yeah, but you don't have to home to the origin, you can home to any combination of Xmin/Xmax/Ymin/Ymax/Zmin/Zmax.

    It is worth considering Zmin/Zmax and weather or not homing while there is a print on the bed can be an issue.

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