connecting external stepper driver (MKS TB6600)

  • Hello,
    I want to connect an external stepper driver via the duet 2 wifi expansion slot... I've read a few threads and the dozuki page, and I just want to make sure I understood how to do it before I do it !

    You can find the pin layout of the MKS TB6600 on this page

    Here is how I would do it right now, but I'm very not shure !

    To run the Z axis from the E2 pins on the expansion board, I would need to connect :
    E2_EN to EN
    E2_DIR to DIR
    E2_STEP to CLK
    E2_STOP to GND

    After connecing everything I would need to use the M584 commande to remap the Z driver (currently number 2) to driver number 5 (E2 driver)

    I hope this is it, but if not, do you have any advice ?

    Thanks a lot

    • Carlito

  • OK,
    So I tried it and... didn't work ! Was to be expected I guess.
    Trying to find a solution !

  • I'm doing that for testing at the moment. I believe that the outputs of the logic board are 3.3v and the tb6600 needs 5v so I'm using the breakout daughter board for level shifting. I also believe the tb6600 enable pins work enabled low so you might want to disconnect the enabled pins and see if it works. I believe that the breakout board inverts the logic output so that may be why my setup works...

  • ok, found the solution, tried with enabled pin in and out didn't work, but tried something rather simple after seeing this dozuki page ( I don't know how I missed it before ! )... rather than connecting the TB6600 GND to the E2_STOP, I connected it directly to the GND on pin number 2... works perfectly now !

    so the correct pin layout for me was :
    E2_EN to EN
    E2_DIR to DIR
    E2_STEP to CLK
    GND to GND

    and for the mode selection on the TB6600 :
    M1 ON
    M2 ON
    M3 OFF
    TQ OFF ( AUTO )

    I'm so happy this finally works !

    <Thanks @CNCModeller 🙂

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