Damage Heater E1

  • Hello,
    I have successfully controlled a Berd-Air by E1 heater for month but I made a mistake in reconnecting after a modification. I have probably reversed the flyback diode.
    The sentence was immediate.
    When the pump started during the print, I got these messages followed by a shutdown of the printer:

    • M106 S0.1

    • list itemError: short-to-ground reported by driver(s) 0 1 2 3 4

    • list itemError: over temperature shutdown reported by driver(s) 0 1 2 3 4

    • list itemWarning: VIN under-voltage event (5.1V)

    I managed to restart the board and everything seems to work properly except E1 heater.
    It is continuously running from the start (E1 led is on).
    I connected a fan on the output and is always on with no pwm.
    I don't see visually damaged component on the board.

    Which component may be causing the problem?
    And if it's hard to replace, is there a way to disable this output?


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