Configuring a Filament Box?

  • My next step is to have my filament in a low humidity box. I have built one with room for 3 spools.

    The plan is to connect it to E1 to control the temperature - choices for PLA or PETG perhaps. (I only have a single extruder on E0). Also with a PWM fan for air flow over the silica gel. A bit of experimenting with the usual features, and the possibility of a heat exchanger to have lower temperature air with higher relative humidity over the silica gel (a theoretical concept they may not be useful in practice - I will find out ).

    The likely max power consumption is less than 50 watts and possibly averaging around 20 watts or less, so max current is 2A on my 24V PS. I will install a heater with max 3A to cover uncertainty but well within the capacity of the E heaters. (I have a spare 5 ohm (approx) heater which is too close to the limit of E so will add 3 ohms of resistors for safety as I understand I should not rely on PWM settings.)

    It seems I have 2 choices. Configure it as:

    1. a Tool
    2. a Heated Chamber.

    I think both can appear in DWC but the Chamber option will be a little more complicated for my evolving minimalist Dueui interface.

    It seems both are straightforward in config.g. Is there a reason to prefer one over the other?

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