Enclosure for Panel Due 5i with easy access to uSD card slot

  • I'm replacing a bad controller in a printer at the makerspace with a Duet WiFi and panel Due 5i. I needed an enclosure for the Panel Due so I designed one that grants access to the uSD card slot making it easy to print files on the card without networking.

    alt text

    The box prints in two pieces without any support material. The Panel Due screws into to the top cover and that assembly snaps onto the bottom cover that stays mounted on whatever surface you're using. It's probably not as secure as screwing the two parts together, but it makes for toolless (neat word there!) firmware updates, and in my installation, it will be inside the electronics drawer in the printer.

    Fusion360 file is here.

  • Awesome. Was just about to buy a third Paneldue. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.


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