Duex5 - just checking before making a mistake!

  • Whilst waiting for parts to come from the States for my Railcore, I thought I would work out how to get the LED lighting working using the fan outputs on the Duex5.
    I have read multiple posts regarding LED lighting on the Duex.

    I have a 24V PSU so I know I have to change 'V Fan Jumper select' so it converts to 12V, (In built step down - cool!).
    The one I am not sure about is this one, i really do NOT want to blowup a £100 board.


    The text from the manual is this "In order to use the 12V internal supply for LEDs/FANs the 12V EN jumper must be fitted. Do not fit this jumper if you are not using the 12V internal supply"

    Please can someone confirm that I am not going to damage my board by jumpering the 'INT 12V EN' to 'GND'

    Sorry, just a bit nervous connecting a Gnd to a Positive.


  • You'll be fine. Int 12v en goes straight to the DIS pin on the 12v regulator and by grounding that pin you enable the regulator.

  • @bearer Thanks for the info.
    Added and moved a jumper, powered on and nothing went bang or started smoking.
    Just need to wire my LEDs now and test again.

    Thanks again.


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