Earthing hotend / nozzle?

  • I saw some discussion some time back about earthing the hot end during a fault finding exercise. Who was this, what were the symptoms and where they cleared?

    Temp reading spikes/drops?

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    Sounds like some of the troubleshooting done for a PT100 issue perhaps.

  • Could a high throughput system behave like a Van de Graff generator, or does that need a loop of polymer?

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    Are you referring to the belts, or the filament going through the system? I wonder if the friction of the filament traveling through the bowden tube could generate a charge.

    I've got almost all of my printer grounded with the exception of the actual print head. 4-wire PT100 and no issues.

  • This was more a curiosity thing and gathering info prior to swapping to a PT100. I was thinking about the filament running through mostly polymer guides.

  • @doctrucker In theory yes, belts can generate static in a manner similar to a Van de Graff generator. It is a known phenomenon in the conveyor belt industry and I believe RC helicopters also have to use certain preventative methods because the static build up can play havoc with the electronics. It's not my field of expertise by any means but I have my doubts that it is likely to be an issue with 3D printers. Primary because the belts do not always run in the same direction but cycle back and forth (apart from the Z axis but that tends to move slowly with longish pauses in between moves). It's an awfully long time since schoolboy physics lessons so I stand to be corrected but doesn't reversing the direction reverse the polarity of a Van de Graff? If so then every change of direction would negate any static build up would it not? The other reason that I doubt it's an issue is that there are just too many 3D printers out "in the wild" that if it was an issue, it would have been reported somewhere. Juts my twopence worth and I stand to be corrected by anyone more knowledgable than I....

  • @deckingman was referring to the filament motion which is mostly forward.

    Anyhow I was mainly raising this post to see if the source of the original read identified itself. See if it did cure whatever the issue was.

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