How to keep the bed heated for a while after print is done?

  • First, my apologies if is already described somewhere with some G-code magic or even in the web interface but sadly my search foo seems lacking ...

    After I'm done printing I want to keep the bed at the print temperature for a while, maybe 45 mins. Right now I think it stays on for a bit but I've now had several occasions where I wanted to print again after 45 mins it was back to room temp. This is especially silly with ABS and a 110C bed temp, which takes a while to get to.

    So, question: is there some sort of setting for when the bed switches off after a print?

    (More info: I'm using Cura, which does have a post-print gcode snippet that a g-code config command could go into ...)

    Many thanks!

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    What do you currently have in your cura post print gcode?

    You might be able to add a bed temp command after what you have now to set the temp again, and then a G4 dwell command to wait a number of seconds equal to 45 minutes and then turn the heaters off.

    I use something similar to run the part cooling fan above the completed print after the print has finished to cool it down faster to pop it off.

  • I currently have this:

    M104 S0
    M140 S0
    ;Retract the filament
    G92 E1
    G1 E-1 F300
    G28 X0 Y0

    Good idea with the G4, I wasn't aware that that exists. I'll give it a try - thanks!

    (I've done some more digging in the forum and it seems that there's a discussion (May 2019) about a official way to set heater time outs. Apparently, it's now on DC42's wish list ... )

  • @charding You might also consider putting insulation under the bed if you are able to do so (or increasing the amount of insulation if you already have some. It will, a) speed up the warm up time and, b) slow down the cool down time.