bltouch randomly stops working

  • Hi,
    So after having the bltouch working for a while it has started to randomly stop working.
    i have replaced the whole wiring harness to make sure it was not a wiring issue.
    I after shutting my ender down unplugging the bltouch re connecting it. the bltouch will work some times a few prints sometimes not even enough to probe the bed. I was thinking that this could either be the bltouch itself or maby the ports on the duet maestro board. any thoughts?

    thank you
    Ky Hudginss

  • also taking suggestions for a better auto level solution for ender 3

  • Hi Ky,
    I had exactly the same issue, that was driving me crazy....
    Check the Pin
    "Try loosening or tightening the set screw slightly to adjust the trigger sensitivity."
    There is a description how to set up the srew, but I can't find it currently.
    In the end a quarter turn had solved the problem in my case reliably.


    You can find the information in the manual


  • thank you that helped.

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