Springs or 3 Nylocks for Bed Mount on Bed Slingers?

  • To save me going and attempting the math have people got first hand experience of part wobbles being eliminated by getting rid of sprung mounted beds in favour of a fully nut and bolted solution?

    The risk is the weight of the bed and part being high enough to overcome the spring pre-tention and cause the bed to tilt under rapid accelerations.

  • it sound like your springs are not strong enough.

    you could try replacing them with stronger springs like:

    or you could for a quick test replace the springs with wing nuts on the other side.
    that way the bed is ridged, but you can still easily adjust it.

    i went with the 2nd option for my bed.

  • There's a better solution- instead of supporting the bed with springs, use springs to hold the bed down onto the levelers. Then just a little more messing around makes the bed kinematic.

    alt text

    More .... and more....

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