Fried component help on Duet board.

  • Shorted something on the connSD pins I believe. Board only works when connected via USB. Wifi doesn't turn on until it is connected. Connected to USB the board works fine, prints fine, everything is normal. I found this fried looking component but I'm not sure what it is, does anyone know or have a part number so I can replace? I have an SMD full-size soldering station and am proficient at soldering, just not good at component identification.

    For sake of mentioning, I am running a DUEX expansion as well, not sure if that is relevant.

    Thank you in advance. Yes I'm an idiot.
    0_1565487695907_Duet Fried Component Edited.jpg

  • I believe that this is the relevant schematic.

    The fried components are probably in page 3, e.g. U3 and D2 (?), hard to see in the picture. You can try identifying by the component reference numbers on the PCB.

    The kicad design files are here

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    Component A is a 1uH inductor in early versions of the Duet WiFi. In later versions of the Duet we use a ferrite bead instead, part number MFB-201209-0011PW . Component B is a Schottky diode, part number DB2W40300L.

    I suggest you measure the voltage at the junction of the 10uH inductor (the grey square marked 100) and the 1uH inductor. If there is 5V at that point, then you should only need to replace component A. Otherwise you will also need to replace the diode and the square black chip U3.

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