Old iPhone 5 as interface, Amazon Fire tablet, or other options

  • I have 3 old iPhone 5/5s laying around so I wiped one yesterday and intended on using it as an interface to the Duet.

    Man, that 4" screen is small nowadays. Yes it's usable, but not quickly/easily for the adapted version of DWC.

    Any tips?

    I also have our old HP Touchpad (bought during the fire sale for $99 like 5 or 6 years ago) that would work.

    However, what about buying an Amazon Fire 7" tablet for dedicated use? 1024x600 resolution is a bit low nowadays, and slightly lower than the iPhone I was testing with.

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    The 7 inch fire tablet or similar should work well. I use a 4 or so years old nexus 7 inch tablet which i think is a higher resolution. You can use chrome's Dev tools to look and see what the web interface looks like at different screen sizes.

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